• Support company-wide research-grade AAV production.
  • Lead assay development for preclinical and clinical gene therapy studies.
  • Contribute to vector design and optimization, AAV production, and purification.
  • Develop cell-based analytical assays to measure and monitor key quality attributes for AAV vectors, including potency assays.
  • Prepare and present data, write study reports and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for internal use and transfer to external partners.
  • Provide training and oversight of junior team members and manage external CROs, CDMO and collaborators.


PhD in biology or biomedical sciences with 2+ years of academic or industry experience or MS in biology or biomedical sciences with 4+ years of industry experience. Experience in AAV vectors for gene therapy is a must, preferably in an industry setting. Experience with cell-based assay development required. Broad knowledge and skills in molecular biology, including recombinant DNA and cloning, qPCR, RT-PCR, tissue culture, immunocytochemistry, imaging analysis, Western blotting or Jess microfluidics, flow cytometry. Able to analyze complex datasets in Graphpad Prism or similar software. Experience with cell engineering is a plus. Experience managing/mentoring junior scientists preferred.

The Company

NeuExcell Therapeutics may have unlocked the method for regenerating neural tissue. The company’s neuroregenerative gene therapy platform is built around transcription factor-based transdifferentiation technology. Most gene therapies are designed to replace a mutant gene. Instead, NeuExcell uses adeno-associated viral vectors (AAVs) to deliver transcription factors in vivo to the glial cells at the site of injury or neurodegeneration.

NeuExcell’s unique platform reprograms endogenous glial cells like astrocytes, which surround neurons and are often reactive after neurons are injured or die, into functional new neurons. While neurons cannot divide to regenerate themselves, glial cells are a renewable source for generating new neurons at the site of injury, and at the scale needed to have a meaningful therapeutic impact.

After having obtained the proof of concept in rodents as well as NHP, the R&D way lies open to find an effective and safe treatment for an important number of serious neurodegenerative diseases including stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Enthusiastic scientists, who are looking for a great opportunity to contribute to finding a truly innovative and effective treatment for those suffering from these devastating diseases, will find a stimulating environment and a workplace and work that they find fulfilling.

NeuExcell offers a rewarding compensation package:

  • Competitive salary and annual bonus
  • Robust employee incentive plan (EIP) with long-term upside
  • Comprehensive benefits program including family coverage and 401(k)
  • Commitment to work life balance
  • Collaborative and supportive culture